1.  Printable Family Tree

For the couple that’s been through it all (maybe even a grandchild or 10), this printable family tree is the perfect way to celebrate the best parts of sharing a life together.

2. Framed Wedding Vows

If you’re married, you have wedding vows. And framed wedding vows are very popular at the moment, so these are perfect for a design-forward spouse.

3. Polaroids & Instax 

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an analog photo of the two of you (or a copy of one). Bonus points if it looks vintage or is a little distressed.

4. Your Wedding Invitation

What’s more romantic than a souvenir from the day you said, “I do”? Framing a wedding invitation is one of the most inventive ways to commemorate your wedding. You obsessed over every detail on that tiny piece of paper, and it remains a symbol of your new beginning as a couple. 

5. Other Stuff You Saved 

We save stuff. We know you do too. So grab that shoebox from under the bed and go through the notes, tickets, and other things you couldn’t bear to throw away. Souvenirs from your most memorable moments as a couple - movie tickets from your first date, maps from an iconic road trip, love letters you wrote each for that summer you did long distance - these are the things that speak to your love story. We pulled together some more inspiration from our customers.

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