Kids do lots of adorable things, but the seemingly endless stream of art they bring home from school? It can be a little overwhelming. How do you show your kids that you’re proud of their work while maintaining your personal style?

Thankfully, we have the answer. Here’s how to get your kids’ art off your fridge and onto your wall.


1.  Pick your favorites. What pieces are you most proud of? Do any of the pieces recall special memories for you or your child? Is the one that makes you smile every time you see it?

2. Gallery walls are your best friend. By dedicating one wall for an array of art, you can swap out pieces over time or add to the arrangement as your kids grow.  You can go for a grid, ledge, or column. Consider using the same type of frame throughout for a uniform look to balance the bright colors and abstracted shapes of most kids’ art.


   Photo By : Laurel & Wolf

 3. Opt for a clean frame. Galleries often frame pieces in sleek black, white, or metallic frames that draw the focus to the art. Simple, modern, and comfortable, these frames elevate scribbles and splatters to true home decor. 

4. Consider a float mount. While clean frames elevate the look, a float mount elevates the art - literally! By raising the art slightly above the mat, float mounting creates depth and shadows while showing off the unique edges of the art. It works especially well for slightly textured art. (Glitter, pipe cleaners, and cotton balls - we’re looking at you!)  

5. Put us to work. Let us do the hard part for you! Put in your order online then mail us your art (or upload a photo if you want us to make a digital print). We’ll custom frame your piece 

6. Hang it up! Follow your design and hang your art in your child’s playroom, bedroom, or nursery. Or incorporate it into a gallery wall with other art pieces and photos.

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